Announcing Lightning UI

"Lightning comes with Batteries included"

September 7, 2021

Do you like re-inventing wheels? Recreating common patterns? Right, neither do we. Though its great to see what kind of patterns emerge and we've certainly seen some very interesting ones (and some very ugly ones). Not every developer likes to walk the unpaved paths or spend time fiddling with different possibilities that are out there. Most of the cases the developers do not have the time for it and just want to get an application done quickly (we like to blame managers).

So to make development easier we've started working on publishing a common set of patterns / components and screens so you can develop Lightning Apps with batteries included. Batteries included you say? So what kind of batteries are we talking about?

First of all

Basic components. List views, scrollers, grids, the most common base components used in most of the UIs that we encounter. You know the standard AA batteries you'd expect almost every small appliance.

We're not going to stop there

Next up are the 9V battery blocks with standard base screens, basically empty screens with a predefined common layout so you can start stitching in your own content (and maybe some of those basic components while you're at it). In the future we plan to make these easily installable through the Lightning CLI to you can continue to build your awesome project with ease.

That it?

Absolutely not. We want to start exposing the “Tesla battery pack” of the components as well. A set of over the top examples to showcase the Lightning abilities. Think fancy reflections/animations/blurs to showcase what the framework really can do. These serve a totally different purpose then the base components and skeleton screens. They might not be directly usable in your application simple because your app design is rather lacking in excitement and variety. It does however demonstrate the capabilities of the framework. You can show them to your manager to get them all excited about Lightning, it helps trust us! Feel free to use them within in your own application but be careful because milage may vary.

Feel free to find our open source electrified UI components here on GitHub: Lightning UI reference that includes templates and components to enable Lightning UI development.