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Date: 2023-7-31Author: Wouter-lucas van BoesschotenLightning 2.x July Release

Dear Lightning community,

We are excited to announce the summer release of Lightning! As part of our ongoing quarterly release schedule, we've named this the 'July Release'. As always, we're thrilled to bring to you a host of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features, all of which we're sure will enhance your Lightning experience.

We hope you're enjoying a fantastic summer. This release is packed with updates designed to improve your experience with Lightning. We've been hard at work incorporating your feedback, optimizing our offerings, and developing new features. However, due to the summer schedule, a few items had to be deferred to the October release. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Please take the time to explore the latest versions of our key components:


Lightning Core

  • Updated typings of Element so flexItem can be false.
  • Fixed an issue with applying vertex-specific color to the hole punch fragment.
  • Fixed a regression related to TextTextureRenderer word wrapping. #488
  • Fixed alpha channel detection when using in-process image handling. #493
  • Fixed a typo referencing the renderOffscreen method of Element.
  • Added webgl2 as the fallback context option if webgl or experimental-webgl is unavailable. #496
  • Added event bubbling support for pointer events. #485
  • Added support for getting local coordinates with pointer events. #484

Lightning SDK

  • Fixed an issue with applying vertex-specific color to the hole punch fragment.
  • Added support for cleanup of event listeners and targets to prevent retaining memory during app lifetime.
  • Added support to kill previously keepAlive page instance.

Lightning CLI

  • Fixed issue with rollup typescript project throwing error when accessing process env. #235
  • Added "include" config in tsconfig.json for lng create command.
  • Added support for getting "esEnv" from settings.json file for lng dist. #224
  • Added support for transpiling .mjs files to ES5 with rollup.
  • Fixed the issue related to Babel ignore not possible to use in a babel.config.json. #117