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More Performance, Less Code

More Performance, Less Code

Lightning 3

Lightning 3 is an open-source project focused on lightweight solutions for developing User Interfaces with hyper fast animations using Javascript and WebGL rendering.

With Lightning 3 you can create highly performant Apps for a smooth user experience on TV centric devices.

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TV App Framework

As part of the Lightning 3 project we have created a TV App Framework optimized for the Lightning Renderer.

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Blits is easy and intuitive to work with. It’s a full featured TV App framework for building high performing Lightning based TV apps, designed with a focus on performance.

    template: `
        <Element w="1920" h="1080" color="#000">
            <Text :content="$title"/>
    state() {
        return {
            title: 'Lightning 3'
    input: {
        enter() {
            this.title = 'Lightning 3 is awesome!'

Lightning 3 Release Announcement

We're excited to announce the launch of Lightning 3, an important update to our powerful big screen app development framework. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started with web development on TVs, Lighting 3 offers the tools and features you need to create stunning applications.

With Lightning 3 you can create highly performant Apps for a smooth user experience on TV centric devices.


WebGL 2.0 rendering

Support for WebGL 1 and WebGL 2 devices for ultra fast rendering and pixel-for-pixel control of effects and colors!


Lightning comes with a wide variety of effects to create a rich user experience of your content.

Multiplatform support

Runs on any device with a browser, get up and running on a new device in a matter of days.

Advanced Font Rendering

Crystal sharp fonts across any resolution or size for a best in class viewing experience.

Sprite sheet support

Use sprite sheets to create high performant reusable textures in your UI.


Support for color shifts, announcer and magnification for ease of access of your UI content.

Clear syntax

Easy to read XML-style templating combined with JavaScript.


Reactively update your component template with minimal code.

Input handling

Control your App with configurable input keys.

Focus management

Allow components to react to focus events


Memory efficient page routing.

Reusable components

Create a component once and use it anywhere in your App.

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“The power of native performance in your browser”

- Albert Dahan
Fellow - Comcast

Lightning 2

Lightning 2 and its counterparts are still supported and you can find helpful links regarding these libraries here:

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