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Blits - Lightning 3 App Development Framework

With Blits, the App Development Framework for Lightning 3, it becomes a breeze to build great Lightning 3 applications.

Blits is built on top of the Lightning 3 Renderer and aims to provide a great developer experience, making it fun and easy to build your apps!

Built from the ground up by the LightningJS team, we're offering a Complete App framework, full of features to speed up development, while keeping it lightweight with a focus on performance.

The Blits framework uses a readable XML-style template syntax and comes with built-in reactivity.

Why Blits?

You may be wondering where the name Blits comes from.

Firstly, it's short, memorable and just has a nice ring to it.

"Blits" is a Dutch word (a significant portion of the Lightning Open Source teams is based in the Netherlands). It means flashy and it's often used for things that are great or cool.

Finally, it's a nerdy reference to the computer term "Bit Blits" commonly used in graphics processing, for rapidly moving a block of data into memory - quite similar to what Lightning is doing 🙂