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Methods ‚Äč

Within a Blits component, you have quite some freedom where to put specific logic.

Template related logic can be either placed directly in a reactive / interpolated attribute or you can move it out to a computed property if the logic is more complex.

Business logic for your App can be placed directly in a watcher, a lifecycle hook or an input handling function.

If you notice that you're duplicating logic in these different places, or if you just like to keep all your business logic nicely grouped together, you can move these business logic functions under the methods key of the Component configuration object.

You can reference your Component's methods in the template by using a $-sign (for example in the @loaded-attribute when your element has a src attribute).

In the javascript code of a Component, you can reference methods directly on the this-scope (i.e. this.getData()). Similar to internal state and props, there is no need to prefix with methods, for easy access.

export default Blits('Carousel', {
  template: `
      <!-- .... -->
  state() {
    return {
      items: [],
      page: 0
  hooks: {
    ready() {
  input: {
    down() {
  methods: {
    async fetchData() {
      this.items = await API.get(['movies', 'tvshows', 'documentaries'],